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Aloha and welcome!

My name is Christine Fisher.  I live in Kailua on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  I've been a massage therapist for 20+ years.  As a young mother with two active sons, I wanted to help them reach their fullest potential by providing them with a supportive environment, caring relationships, and a stable home.  The best way I knew to do that was to be trained in massage therapy and to use my training to encourage my boys to practice good body care and to listen to the messages that their bodies are constantly sending.

This would be my message to all of you, as well.  Our aches and pains indicate the body's need for attention, not just physical, but spiritual, mental, and emotional, as well.  Health and wellness include all of these levels.  Oftentimes, when the body's physical stress is addressed through massage or other kinds of healing modalities (medicinal herbs, healthy eating, etc.), the body has more energy to put toward dealing with the other stresses.  Massage therapy offers almost immediate relief to many people whose ordinary day-to-day activities cause stress buildup in the body.  I can help you find relief from your physical stresses through mindful massage, the right level of pressure to apply to affected parts of the body, and a caring attitude.

Call me today at (808) 261-1103 to set up an appointment.  Mahalo for allowing me to help your body cope with the aches and pains that are, unfortunately, part of our modern society.

Come and visit me in my garden and let the healing begin.

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